Cycling Gloves

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Singularity is all about you! Kit Concierge is about getting you the best fit by giving you the chance to try on a range of garments and check for sizing and fit. The Kit Concierge by Prism is the closest you will come to a tailor made kit experience.

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Need a hand? Introducing the high performance partner that will help you get a grip on any ride. Our custom cycling gloves are engineered with aero fabric to keep you riding faster whether youÕre in the Saturday bunch ride or at your local crit.

The anatomically designed palms on all our custom cycling gloves are specifically designed to increase blood flow to the hands, making these the best cycling gloves you will experience. On particularly intense rides where you may find yourself white-knuckling it, these high quality custom cycling gloves will reduce fatigue in your arms and maximise performance.