3 Pack of Prism Socks

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Singularity is all about you! Kit Concierge is about getting you the best fit by giving you the chance to try on a range of garments and check for sizing and fit. The Kit Concierge by Prism is the closest you will come to a tailor made kit experience.

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The best custom cycling socks start with a light-weight, breathable and durable fabric that improves your comfort as you work harder on the bike.

PrismÕs high quality custom cycling socks offer not only a smooth fit, but also anatomical support and muscular relief to make sure that as you work harder, you arenÕt thinking about irritation, breathability or overheating in your feet.

Finally, we agree that the best cycling socks have to be the perfect length to keep up your credibility in even the most discerning bunches. We make all our custom socks at a ÒCrew + 2cmÓ length so sock height issues are a thing of the past.

We have chosen to sell our high quality custom cycling socks in packs of three to maximise the value for your team and ensure we can offer no minimum order quantities to all your team members.