Prism's Journey to Develop a Five Star Winter Cycling Jersey

Prism's Journey to Develop a Five Star Winter Cycling Jersey

When it comes to winter cycling gear, a high-quality jersey is an essential piece for every cyclist. At Prism, we embarked on a journey to create the perfect winter cycling jersey that would meet the diverse needs of riders, combining warmth, breathability, and versatility. In this blog post, we'll delve into the stages of development, the meticulous testing process, and guide you on effective layering techniques with this remarkable garment.

Our goal was clear: to design a winter cycling jersey that offered an impeccable fit, ensuring no flappy bits, while delivering superior warmth and breathability. We wanted the jersey to excel in moisture management, allowing riders to stay comfortable even during intense efforts. Additionally, it had to be lightweight and adaptable to layering, enabling cyclists to regulate their temperature as conditions changed during their rides.  Importantly, it had to be affordable.  We needed it to perform like a $300 + winter jersey, at a price point under $200.

Once we had defined what we wanted to create we set about testing every aspect of the garment.  From zips, to fabric to gripper... we looked at everything:

  1. Testing Cut and Fit: Achieving an optimal cut and fit was paramount in developing our winter cycling jersey. We tested numerous prototypes, carefully analyzing their performance during rides. Our team of experienced cyclists provided valuable feedback on aspects like sleeve length, body contouring, and overall comfort. Through this iterative process, we were able to eliminate any unnecessary bulk or flappy bits, resulting in a streamlined, aerodynamic fit.  Finally, decided it had to have a specialist women's and men's cut to make sure the garment met the differing demands of these two diverse cycling groups.

  2. Fabrics and Material Testing: To create a jersey that excelled in both warmth and breathability, we explored a wide range of fabrics and material combinations. We collaborated with esteemed European fabric mills, testing countless fabric samples with varying properties. We assessed their insulation capabilities, moisture-wicking efficiency, and overall durability. This thorough evaluation ensured that only the highest quality materials were used in the final product.  Every fabric is sourced from the finest mills in Europe and chosen for high performance and durability.

  3. Breathability and Moisture Management: Winter cycling demands effective moisture management to prevent discomfort caused by sweat accumulation. We extensively tested different fabric blends and technologies to find the perfect balance between insulation and breathability. The goal was to create a jersey that efficiently moved sweat away from the body, preventing the rider from feeling cold and clammy after intense efforts. Through meticulous testing, we achieved optimal moisture management for maximum comfort during winter rides.

The final step of this process was to bring this piece of kit in at a price that would make it accessible to any rider that wants to experience greater comfort on winter rides.  

At Prism, we believe that high-performance cycling gear should be accessible to all riders. With our winter cycling jersey, we aimed to deliver a product that offered top-notch performance comparable to jerseys with much higher price tags. Here's why we prioritized creating a high-performance jersey at an affordable price point:

  1. Value without Compromise: We recognized that many cyclists desire premium performance but may be deterred by the steep prices of high-end winter cycling jerseys. Our goal was to bridge this gap by offering a jersey that could match the performance of a $300-$400 winter jersey, but at a price below $200. We carefully balanced the selection of materials, manufacturing processes, and economies of scale to deliver exceptional value with minimal on quality or performance.

  2. Accessibility for All Riders: We believe that every cyclist, regardless of their budget, should have access to gear that enhances their riding experience. By offering a high-performance winter cycling jersey at a more affordable price, we aimed to make winter riding more accessible to a broader range of riders. We want to inspire and empower cyclists to embrace the challenges of winter riding with confidence, knowing they have top-quality gear that won't break the bank.

Head over to our Winter Gear page to checkout all of our layering options to keep you riding all year round.

Every club store has access to a custom long-sleeve jersey.  We recommend ordering in April or May to get maximum usage during the winter months.

Prism's Guide to Layering Using our Winter Long-sleeve Jersey

  • 5°C to 10°C: For moderate-intensity rides or higher, the jersey alone is sufficient to keep you comfortable.

  • 0°C to 5°C: When temperatures drop further, layer the jersey with a Merino base layer. Merino wool offers an excellent combination of thermal insulation and moisture-wicking properties, enhancing your comfort on the bike.

  • Sub-zero to minus 5°C: In extremely cold conditions, combine the jersey with a Merino base layer and our Prism Vest featuring wind-stopping capabilities. This combination ensures optimal protection and warmth during moderate-intensity rides.

Note: If you ride in less than -5 you are mad... but shoot us an email for an absolute beast of a jacket we have developed to crush even the most inhospitably of riding conditions.

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