The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Cycling Gear for Every Weather Condition

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Cycling Gear for Every Weather Condition

Cycling enthusiasts know that the weather can be as unpredictable as the road ahead. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, having the right gear for every weather condition is crucial.

We have curated a range of cycling apparel designed to tackle any climate. Let's dive into the ultimate guide to choosing the right cycling gear for various weather conditions, featuring some of our standout garments to help every club member stay comfortable in their custom club gear no matter what the weather.

Sunny Days: Stay Cool and Protected

On bright, sunny days, the key is to balance breathability with protection from the sun.  Either of our Ligera or Spring Classics ranges of jerseys are bibs are perfect for these conditions.  If you are in particularly warm climates, or are prone to a lot of perspiration, then our ligera jersey is probably preferable.  Then the only questions is whether you go for our short-sleeved option, or the increasingly popular long-sleeved variant for added sun-protection.

Finally, on long-hot tough days in the saddle, the fit of your bibs is EVEN more important given the added risk of chafing and saddle sores from increased perspiration.  Our Grand Tour pad is the go to in this scenario.  It still represents the absolute pinnacle of ride comfort and performance for all day riding.

Chilly Mornings: Layer Up Smartly

For those crisp morning rides, layering is your best friend. Start with our mid-winter longsleeve and add a vest if you expect the temperatures to drop toward 0 degrees celcius.  This combination will let you peel off the vest as the sun comes out and remain comfortable as the day warms up.  Typically, the mid-winter longsleeve, with its high performance fabric, can be ridden comfortably up to about 10 degrees celcius.

For the bibs, we recommend our Roubaix Summer length Bibs for 2-15 degrees celcius.  These unique bibs will allow added breathability for harder efforts, but balance that with helping to keep your core warm.  These are one of the most popular and smartest products in our range amongst experienced cyclists.

For those that feel the cold a little more, or are perhaps riding in temperatures down to 0 degrees celcius, we recommend our 3/4 length bibs.  These breathable and high performing bibs are extremely popular and routinely garner 5 star reviews from our loyal customers.

Only for the absolute coldest rides do we recommend our full-length winter longs.  These are so sublimely warm that they are really only necessary on mornings below -2.  

 designed to provide warmth without adding bulk. It's perfect for maintaining core body temperature. Over this, add our [Classic Long Sleeve Jersey], offering extra warmth while its breathable material prevents overheating. Don't forget your extremities - our [Windproof Gloves] and [Thermal Shoe Covers] are essential for keeping your hands and feet warm.

Windy Weather: Cut Through the Breeze

Windy conditions require gear that reduces drag and protects against the chill of wind gusts. Our long sleeve, summer weight Spring Classics jersey is a perfect companion in these conditions when paired with our form-fitting, high performance vest.  The two-way zip on the vest allows for easy access to jersey pockets and added breathability, it is engineered to be form-fitting, reducing wind resistance and helping you maintain speed and performance even into a trying head wind.