Women's Plain Winter Longs



During the filthy cold winter months you need a set of banging long knicks to keep you riding all winter.

Enter Prism's new Plain Winter Longs.  We use our famed Grand Tour Chamois and add a healthy dose of fleece-infused, All Italian, Super Roubaix fabric to keep you riding in unrivalled comfort through even the worst weather that Winter can throw at you. 

These Winter Longs are so good they will make you look forward to the inevitable Ice Age that will result from the dramatic slow down of deep ocean currents as a result of climate change.

These are simply the best Winter Longs available!

Plain Winter Longs are now available in both Navy and Black!



Prism's Grand Tour Chamois - The World's Most Expensive Chamois

Super-Roubaix Fabric

Make you feel like you are wrestling naked in front of an open fire on a bear skin rug