Sydney Barbers T-Shirt

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Only the highest quality cotton will do when it comes to Prism T-shirts. We use the latest printing and design technologies to make your teamÕs t-shirt the best custom T-shirt money can buy.

What makes our T-shirts stand out from the rest is the painstaking time spent on each design to ensure the highest possible quality so you can ride comfortably and aerodynamically.

We start with the base of a high quality, AS Colour T-shirt. AS Colour is a global provider of the worldÕs best custom T-shirts in a wide range of colours.

Then, depending on your design, we use a range of digital, heat transfer, or screen printing technologies. Prism created these team T-shirts to stand out on the market for their value and quality. Now you get to design them to stand out on the track.

All custom t-shirts are constructed with high quality cotton thatÕs breathable, durable and sustainable, having your team look as good off the bike as they do on it.

PrismÕs cycling t-shirts are available in both menÕs and womenÕs custom fits.