Socks For Danielle

A beloved and hard working member of our local cycling community is in the fight of her life, and needs help.  Danielle Don Wakefield is a tireless volunteer for the Penrith Cycling Club, her Husband Peter is an absolute stalwart of racing, it is really important that we recognise the importance of the cycling fraternity to do what we can to support these valued members of our community and their young kids when they need it.

You can read all about it (and donate)at the Go Fund Me page set up by her friend Cathy.

Prism wants  to help, so we are donating 200 pairs of socks to the family.  This means that the FULL price you pay (minus GST and some banking fees (for each pair we will donate about $14.70 - $14.90 to the family)), will be transferred directly to Peter and his family basically as quickly as we can.  We really believe in getting the money and distributing it as quickly as we can.

We will also set up a link on Buncheur to try to make it easy for the racing community to support Danielle as we have done when other members of the cycling community face the hard fights.  We will transfer this money with some urgency also.

FAQ's:  What about shipping?  Shipping is a pain on Shopify, at least for me.  The $12 shipping covers the entire journey of the garment and handling fees etc.  A THOROUGH analysis of the costs of this project will be done and the money will be transferred to the Wakefields.  

FAQ.  When will I get my socks?  We have ordered 200 pairs of these socks today (03/11/23) when we saw the GOFund me.  They will take about 4 weeks to be made and we will deliver them ASAP.  Please be patient.