Men's Singularity VRAAM 2

Design Description

The base colour of this garment is black.  You are choosing the colour of the stripes and logo as they will appear on a black background. In this image, the stripes and logo are represented in white

Step 1:Choose Your Design.

Choose the design that you like. The design that gets you going and makes you faster and stronger. Or... Just pick the design that matches your bike.

Step 2: Choose Your Garment.

View the Prism Jersey Selector to help you get the perfect fit tailored for your body.  Download it here.

Step 3: Choose Your Colour.

Use the Singularity Colour selector to pick the perfect colour to make your jersey truly unique. Download the pantone selector here

Your Jersey ETA

4 short sweet weeks is all it takes. We will keep you updated at every step ... then we have your one of a kind jersey straight to you!

Prism Kit Concierge

Given your kit design is unique for you, we can't offer refunds. For new customers we want them to have the best possible experience, that is why we offer kit concierge for us to mail you multiple garments to try on to get the best fit for you once you have ordered. Kit Concierge will guarantee a fit as if the kit was tailor made just for you.

The Guide to Prism's Jersey Range will help you understand more about how we build our range of class leading garments. Download it here.