Men's Grand Tour Ligera Race Cut Jersey - With Race Number Pocket

Say goodbye to holes in your jersey with the Prism race number pocket.

You have no more need for pins with these light race pockets that sit over the jersey pockets.  This is the perfect solution for club racing that leads to unsightly holes from pins.

Constructed from a range of fabrics sourced from Europe's finest fabric mills, this garment is built for all day rides and pushing the limits of performance. This is a race cut jersey designed to sit close to the body and wear like a second skin. The best custom jersey available on the market today.

A unique mix of breathability, durability and comfort, the Men's Grand Tour Ligera Race Cut Jersey spares no expense in its construction and accepts no compromise.

If you are used to wearing only the highest quality, no comprise garments that provide light weight, aero performance, this is the jersey for you!