Baseball Cap

PrismÕs baseball caps are simply the best custom caps money can buy. These high quality, completely customiseable caps are used by small groups of passionate cyclists, cycling clubs and professional teams alike.

Prism allows you to create a customised team cap including choice of mesh and fabric colours, fabric textures as well as 3D embroidery and style. This level of customisation creates the best custom caps on the market so you and your team can be instantly recognisable even when you arenÕt on the bike.

To handle the hottest days with ease, each expertly crafted custom cap is fitted out an internal absorption band that will wick away sweat so your vision is clear and face is dry. Additionally, its one-size-fits-all feature ensures convenience and comfort.

Thanks to their high quality construction, Prism caps arenÕt designed to just last a season. TheyÕre a highly durable, unique addition to your kit that will see your club through multiple seasons of hard wearing.