Men's Spring Classics Knicks Laser Cut Gripper

Prism has constructed the Spring Classics Knicks to pioneer high quality, high value and above all, high performance. Thesebike knicks boast class-leading anatomic chamois utilised by many ofEuropes most sophisticated brands’ flagship knicks.  These custom cycling knickshave been built to set the bar for value and comfort in the Australian market.


With innovation in mind, Prism has designed the Spring Classics Knicks in consideration of testing cycling conditions. These are the best cycling knicks forpedaling through rough terrain, thanks to theall day anatomical pad rated for 120kg/m3.  The more comfortable you are, the better you ride.  It’s that simple.


The durable andhigh qualitylycra is feather light, ensuring all day performance by utilising a slight compression effect. Furthermore, these men’s cycling knickssport a state-of-the-art, double width Italian, Laser-Cut gripper band tomake sure the knicks do not move from the moment you put them on to the moment youfinish your ride.


Combining all European fabrics and components, the Men’s Spring Classics Knicksareguaranteed to facilitate all day performance with itselastic interface anatomic chamois rated for up to 120kg/m3.


These custom cycling knicks represent a game changing evolution in comfort and performance.