Men's Grand Tour Mid-Winter Longsleeve

When thethe temperature drops there is no room for compromise. We developed the men’s winter grand tour jersey as part of our climate control range to keep you riding at the ideal body temperature all year round:   The result? Aninsulated  custom cycling jersey that maintains your body’s ideal core temperature to keep you performing all year round.


Designed to be your winter training partner through recovery, Zone 2 and interval sessions, theMen’s Grand Tour Winter Jersey is the perfect addition to your custom cycling kit. Cut from quality material, Prism has chosen all Italian fabric which isultra supple and boasts unrivalled feel, leading to a mixture of warmth and breathability.


Due to its low bulk construction, it is fitted to minimise fabric flapping in the breeze, working extremely well under a custom vestfor deeper winter. Additionally,the allEuropean fabrics do an impressive job of keeping you warm between 0-9 degreeCelcius mark. To avoid overheating, we’ve employed the perfect mix of thermal insulation, breathability and comfort to keep you cosy in cooler conditions.


This garment is such a versatile stand out among our climate control range that it is consistently rated as 5 stars in our customer reviews.