Find Your Singularity Mens

Singularity is all about you! It is the World's only one-of-a-kind custom kit offering.

Now you can make a one off kit that is as individual as you are!

Whether you want to match your bike, match your helmet, or just stand out from the crowd!

Find your Singularity and make your ride all about you!



Step 1:Choose Your Design.

Choose the design that you like. The design that gets you going and makes you faster and stronger. Or... Just pick the design that matches your bike.

Step 2: Choose Your Garment.

View the Prism Jersey Selector to help you get the perfect fit tailored for your body.  Download it here.

Step 3: Choose Your Colour.

Use the Singularity Colour selector to pick the perfect colour to make your jersey truly unique. Download the pantone selector here