The AMR Renault Killer Bees are here!  This is your chance to join the swarm.  

Much like the Cleveland Indians in the Corbin Bernsen Oscar vehicle Major League, this team of underdogs perpetually over performs and put the scares up some of the big name Conti teams on the Australian pro scene.

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This grass-roots team benefit from some of the best support you could imagine from their all their sponsors especially Luigi from AMR Renault and the team at Pushys.  Even with this sponsorship, every bit helps to keep these young blokes chasing opportunities to take the next step in cycling.

Now is your chance to get into the ONLY team kit that is guaranteed #HUBBARDPROOF and join the Killer Bee Swarm.  These kits are covered in epic stars, and the honeycomb inspired paisley pattern is infused with record amounts of FREE WATTS to keep you flying up even the steepest hills all day long.

Included in your kit is a set of the greatest knicks you will ever ride. Constructed completely with Lycra made in the finest Italian fabric mills and the only chamois guaranteed to give the sensation of a million angel's kisses on your nethers even after the longest ride.  

The jersey is constructed from the same Italian fibres that have made such epic garments as:

- The Emperors NEW cloak

- Joseph's technicolor dream coat

- Link's Snowquil Tunic

- Drake's Hotline Bling Jacket

The socks are epic in their pure sockiness.  Never before has a garment so ably protected both the rider's feet and ankles.  

Much of the above is based on conjecture and rumour.  Needless to say, as with all other garments, claims of increased performance, aero gains etc. are made up.   At least in this kit you will look like a boss as everyone instantly recognises that you directly supported young riders to chase their dreams in Australia!  

Get onto the AMR Renault Killer Bee Swarm